help setting up aws

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help setting up aws

Post by jj » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:15 am

We run our infra on AWS. Below is a description of our setup.
We have 3 vpc's running in us-east. VPC A has OpenVPN AS running. This vpc is peered using AWS' VPC peering connections with VPC B and VPC C. We are planning to start some infra in us-west, so I have another vpc in us-west now. This is VPC D. I have managed to setup a partial site to site connection between VPC A and VPC D.

VPC B - (us-east) <--- peering ----> VPC A - (us-east) <---- peering -----> VPC C - (us-east)


VPC A openvpn server <------- tunnel -------> openvpn gw VPC D - (us-west)

The openvpn client gateway running in VPC D is sending traffic to vpn server in VPC A correctly. Users can connect to all VPCs fine. The problem is VPC D subnet cannot connect to VPC B and VPC C subnets because vpn server in VPC A does not handle the routing to these subnets. The peering connections don't allow transitive peering. Any suggestions on how I should handle this?

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