OpenVPN Connect - Public IP Issue

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OpenVPN Connect - Public IP Issue

Post by nomykhan » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:57 am


I have installed openVPN access server on EsXI+Ubuntu.
I am able to connect fine and access internal networks as far as i am connecting from the private IP 10.10.50.X.

Now my machine is behind a router doing NAT.
I did one to one NAT of Private to Public IP.

Now the problem is that when i download the client- openvpn connect - it is showing me private IP only to connect - 10.10.50.x

I want this to be changed to my Public IP.

One the server network setting page - i have already changed to "Hostname or IP Address: PUBLIC IP"

still same thing.

Also when i try to do a connectivity test from the GUI of openvpn access server - it fails and gives error.

However when i ping the google DNS from ubuntu command line - it is pingable

Not sure what i am missing?

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Re: OpenVPN Connect - Public IP Issue

Post by novaflash » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:01 am

After you change the setting in 'host name or ip address' to a DNS name (or a public IP if you must) you need to click the update running servers button. On top of that, you need to download a new copy of the client.ovpn file for this client.

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