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OpenVPN 2.5 - digest invalid with 'auth sha512'

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 4:36 pm
by Clodo
We detected an issue breaking backward-compatibility.
If I use in a config "auth sha512", OpenVPN 2.4 accepts it, OpenVPN 3 accepts it, OpenVPN 2.5 does not.
I understand the syntax must be uppercase ("auth SHA512"), but
OVPN files around the world, if using the lowercase syntax, will stop working (digest invalid)
and I think a force uppercase in options parsing in OpenVPN codebase will be a clean solution to avoid troubles.

Can someone fill a bug report to understand at least if this will be considered? Thanks.

Re: OpenVPN 2.5 - digest invalid with 'auth sha512'

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 10:09 am
by Clodo
Note: Oracle here: ... names.html
explicit write "Algorithm names are not case-sensitive".

All digest-algorithm values are case-insensitive.
so i think this issue can be classified as bug.