GUI auto reconnection is not working with 2.3b1

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GUI auto reconnection is not working with 2.3b1

Post by kenzo » Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:53 am


I've recently upgraded my OpenVPN server and all clients up to 2.3beta1 (also gui executable) and now the reconnection function doesn't work anymore. Whenever there's a problem with either internet/ISP connection or just main VPN server is down on all clients there's a popup messagebox "connection to [...] has failed" (translation from my local lang.), which even after being clicked still requires user to go into tray, click on GUI icon with right mouse button and click on "connect".

There're a lot of users using Windows system and they do need they GUI version without additional clicking. While using either Linux cilent or Windows cmd-line client there's no such problem, only while using GUI version and only after recent update to 2.3beta1.

In few days from now I may be able to make some time to downgrade server and a single client to confirm whether it's really openvpn version problem, but maybe someone had similar problem ? From my side no configuration file (server nor client) was changed and I am using the keepalive option.

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