Newest 2.3 beta vs 2.3 alpha3?

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Newest 2.3 beta vs 2.3 alpha3?

Post by Veego » Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:07 pm

I like getting the latest and greatest updates for OpenVPN (or any program for that matter)

However, there were some things which caught my attention with the beta 1 release ... nOpenvpn23
TAP driver is in beta 1 & apparently the alpha3 version (based on the "driver version"), even though the alpha3 changelog says the TAP driver should be 9.9.2 (perhaps it's refering to non-windows systems, or the version update just doesn't show in windows hardware driver view)
openvpn-gui is version 1.0.3 in beta 1, but the alpha 3 version (which is technically older) has 1.0.5, just as it says in the changelog.
"This release includes several bugfixes, cleanups and minor enhancements. In addition, the Windows installers comes with an updated version of openvpn-gui." - but the gui for beta 1 is still 1.0.3 according to the "About" section on the program

The beta lists that it has certain fixes which none of the alphas seem to have & was released only a few days ago.
However the beta clearly doesn't have the higher (updated) versions of the GUI.
Does this mean the beta is lacking ALL of the alpha fixes listed for 2.3?

Now I'm confused as to which version I should use if I want the MOST fixes & latest fixes...what do...WHAT DO?!!?

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