OpenVPN 2.3-alpha3 Win7 64bit howto use multiple tap devices

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OpenVPN 2.3-alpha3 Win7 64bit howto use multiple tap devices

Post by holgerth » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:15 am


while testing OpenVPN 2.3 alpha 3 i found out all you get is one tap device.
Also, i found no howto for this problem. I found out, you need tap-windows for installing multiple tap devices (which is packaged with openvpn installer).
Unfortunately, the openvpn installer doesn't provide access to the installation options of tap-windows.exe and deletes it once the tap device is created.

So do the following:
1. Install openvpn (openvpn-install-2.3_alpha3-I001-x86_64.exe)
2. Install an archiver capable of opening installers, i used 7-zip
3. Open the openvpn-*.exe with the archiver and navigate to $TEMP
4. Run tap-windows.exe and make sure you check "TAP Utilities"
5. Run Start->All Programs->TAP-Windows->Utilities->Add a new TAP virtual ethernet adapter
As Administrator

There you go! You can add as many TAP-Adapters as you need by repeating 5.
The configuration part is similar to previous OpenVPN versions and described in the documentation.

Have fun

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