Cannot open TUN : Permission denied (errno=13)

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Cannot open TUN : Permission denied (errno=13)

Post by dongchul » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:14 am


I get error 'Cannot open TUN : Permission denied (errno=13)'
My device android 6.0, rooted, also used same config file(*.ovpn)
I build on openvpn opensource apk. run 'ok'
build another my application. run 'error'
my application near similar same with opensource openvpn.
(Importfile -> start vpn service -> start process thread)
but my application got error :(
what's the matter? Do you have solution?

log 1508403430.775605 28000003 MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1508403430,ASSIGN_IP,,,,,,
log 1508403430.781556 46000083 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'needok 'IFCONFIG' ok'
log 1508403430.798116 46000083 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'needok 'ROUTE' ok'
log 1508403430.801764 46000083 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'needok 'DNSSERVER' ok'
log 1508403430.805218 46000083 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'needok 'DNSSERVER' ok'
log 1508403430.810782 46000083 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'needok 'PERSIST_TUN_ACTION' OPEN_BEFORE_CLOSE'
log 1508403430.833313 46000083 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'needok 'OPENTUN' cancel'
log 1508403430.833590 28000003 MANAGEMENT: Client disconnected
log 1508403430.833626 110 ERROR: Cannot open TUN: Permission denied (errno=13)
log 1508403430.833655 1 Exiting due to fatal error

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