Client Config file creation

Scripts to manage certificates or generate config files
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Client Config file creation

Post by andrew.seyffert » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:50 am


I'm new to the OpenVPN program and am busy trying to setup a test between a server and a client computer. If all goes well I will roll out to specific clients who need VPN.

My issue now is I'm busy trying to create the client side config.ovpn to save it in the config folder. but it seems I have no rights there?
What I did, is install a OpenVPN on my machine (I used the default options in installation). and now after trying to modify anything in the c:\program files\openvpn folder, I seem to not have any access?
I tried to give my own domain user access, but it keeps asking for an admin account credentials. And even if I enter the correct login credentials. It tell me the the logins are wrong?

How do I get past this? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,

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