IPv6 client source address selecting FC00::...

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IPv6 client source address selecting FC00::...

Post by emedwards » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:50 am

I'm using an ASUS router with RMerlin's firmware version 380.68_4 w/OpenVPN version 2.4.3 and noticed an odd issue.

OpenVPN in client mode is selecting the WAN interface for sourcing the packets. Ordinarily this is exactly what is expected and desired; however, my ISP (TelMex, Mexico) is providing FC00:: addresses for the WAN (PPPoE) port and using PPP-PD to supply the global addresses (2806:10b7:x:x::) which are applied to the LAN side of the router.

When the OpenVPN server receives the initiating packet from an FC00:: address, it is unable to reply (as is proper).

The IPv4 & IPv6 address change each time the power *blinks*.

Is there a way to tell OpenVPN to bind to an interface (br0 - bridge 0) - rather than an IPv4/IPv6 address?

I have tried nobind, bind, and local. Closest was nobind with local, but the log said this made nosense. This may need to go in as an enhancement request.

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