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KomodoVPN openvpn service

Post by linusnoble » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:22 am

hey guys

i just wanted to share my experience with a VPN provider I have been using for a few months.

What I needed was a openvpn service provider. I needed openVPN rather than pptp based on some research that openvpn is harder to block.

So far things are good and it is what I expect of a VPN service.

I am using their Personal VPN plan right now which gives me 100GB of monthly bandwidth. I only use my VPN for streaming youtube and other music sites so I don't need a large amount. Actually, I contact their customer service for extra bandwidth and they gave me an extra 100GB per month for free, same price.

Speeds: I am able to achieve decent speeds when I connect to their US servers. Around ~15mbps down and ~2mbps up which is just about the max speed i have from my ISP. Pretty good, easily streaming 1080p content from youtube and netflix. other media is no problem.

Reliability: I never got any unexpected disconnect from their VPN servers. The uptime and reliability seems good, so no complaints there. Although I don't keep my VPN for 24/7 usage so I can't comment too much on it.

Support: Their customer support is good. I submitted a ticket about an error I encountered while trying to connect to their openVPN servers. They responded quite quickly in a matter of 10 minutes, and this was during 3am for me! I didnt really use their ticket system after this one time since the service is smooth.

Price: Their pricing is pretty good. About $5 per month for a personal account. They have a premium account option that gives unmetered usage of bandwidth for only $10 per month. I compared this to many other providers, the price seems pretty average. Nothing exceptional but not exactly expensive either, in fact is is pretty cheap compared to other providers i used like HMA and astrill.

Overall: I recommend them. They seem like a fairly new company in this business but they know what they are doing. If you need a VPN account and require OpenVPN you should give them a try.

Extra Notes: they don't give any free trial accounts because to prevent abuse and maintain a clean network. But I opened a ticket with them before buying to their sales dept. and they were able to provide a free trial vpn for 24 hours before I pay. So maybe others can give this a try too, they seem lenient on these things and very friendkly.

Rating: 4.5/5!

their website: http://www.komodovpn.com

hope my review helps!

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