Certain Sites Not Showing Coming From VPN?

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Certain Sites Not Showing Coming From VPN?

Post by DasFox » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:55 am

I've noticed with a VPN provider I'm using that Google, YouTube and other various sites that track your Geo location to deliver the correct viewing content does not change.

So as an example, if I was from Canada and used a VPN through Germany and wanted to see content in the German language on YouTube, which is what I should be seeing, I'm not, I'm still getting everything to appear in English...

Now I understand some of the reasons for this locally happening, but I don't use Windows, I run Linux, I don't use my DNS or the ones from the VPN, I hard code them in from another overseas provider in Europe that specializes in privacy through DNS. I have Firefox tweaked against every setting you can imagine against GEO and privacy related matters one can adjust in about:config. I don't have flash installed, there is nothing on my box that leaks or will give away my location, it's impossible. So I know this is not a local issue, because one of the servers that the VPN offers works and some of the others don't, so that shows me this is a remote issue, because if it was a local problem, then they're either going to all work or none, not some...

So what is going to cause a VPN server to have this problem? I was thinking this had more to do possibly with like RIPE, APNIC, etc., database?


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