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Uninstalling INTERFACE not wiping out Driver

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:27 pm
by wolfsden3, when a colleague of mine told me this I was like, you don't know what you're talking about.

After spending an hour farting around looking at this I'm starting to think he's correct in his assessment...emphasis on the ASS in ASSessment. Why? Because it seems absurd to have engineered a product that functions this way.


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Scripted install > renames tap interfaces to something cool like hotness1 > tested = working
Now...lets ASSume for a minute that along with our VPN client there's oh say...other vendors like Sonicwall, Watchguard or any of the apparently million other vendors that use the OpenVPN TAP driver...aka:

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    Name: TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 <-- that's our version
    Hardware IDs:
        tap0901<-- that's our guy
So...these TAP INTERFACES all use the same driver which is TOTALLY COOL YEAH? Totes!

But...if you go to programmatically uninstall "hotness1" with the process that's documented like:

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tapinstall.exe remove tap0901
...IT WIPES OUT EVERYONE'S ADAPTERS! This makes no sense. Bye bye sonicwall, watchguard and hotness!

Is there a way to do something like this?

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sonicwall1 (tap adapter)
watchguard1 (tap adapter)
hotness1 (tap adapter)
somesweet.exe remove hotness1 that sonicwall1 and watchugard1 are left, still work and the user doesn't have to literally reinstall their clients again from said vendors?

To me this seems like common sense. If I'm OpenVPN I would say...hey, lots of company's are using our adapter drivers and if we say tapinstall.exe remove tap0901 (or whatever version) it will remove that DRIVER for everyone thus blowing away all those poor taps.

I'm a bit upset at the moment because not only is this the way it seems to be working but other VPN software providers like the previous two mentioned among a million others all seem to use OpenVPN's stupid driver.

Am I insane here or has anyone else had this problem? This is really unworkable.

IF what I'm saying is there documentation on how I can make my own TAP driver and call it something other than "tap0901" so it's "unique" and when I go blow it away I won't touch anyone else's TAPs?

Thanks and thanks for letting me cry like a baby!

Re: Uninstalling INTERFACE not wiping out Driver

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:50 pm
by wolfsden3
I think I might have found some answers... ... TapWindows

Wondering if my dev guy isn't the brightest bulb...we'll find out. I'm running through that tutorial. It would seem he's right but I'm not certain why he wouldn't just build it and give it a new name like the inf file states in that git package.