Upgrading OpenVPN/OpenSSL without touching the TAP Adapter?

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Upgrading OpenVPN/OpenSSL without touching the TAP Adapter?

Post by sasa_obu » Fri Sep 12, 2014 10:12 pm


I am a satisfied OpenVPN user for a few years but this is my first post in this forum. So if I accidentally posted it in the wrong section of the forum please accept my kind apology and move it to the appropriate sub-section.

I'm using OpenVPN on my Windows Server 2012 Foundation server to establish a connection to a commercial VPN service in the US. On the server I use the Windows Routing And Remote Access feature to route my entire home network over that VPN connection. This way I can share that single VPN connection among all computer in my home network and connect them to the Internet using an US IP address although I live in Germany.

This setup works perfectly fine but every time I upgrade OpenVPN (by first un-installing the previous version and subsequently installing the latest one) I have to re-configure the entire Windows Routing And Remote Access service in order to make it work with the new virtual TAP adapter.

So I wonder if it is possible to upgrade OpenVPN and the corresponding OpenSSL Libs without upgrading/re-installing the virtual TAP adapter.

I read in the FAQ that you can manually install and uinstall TAP adapters but I couldn't find anything about using OpenVPN with a different version of the TAP driver than the one that comes bundled with its installer. My guess would be that just replacing the .exe and .dll files in the \bin folder should do the job but since OpenVPN is a security related software I'm too afraid to just try that without knowing about any possible side effects.

Thanks and best wishes from Germany,


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