Providing default gateway to client...

Scripts with setup, destroy, and modify routing tables and firewall rulesets for client connections.
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Providing default gateway to client...

Post by gurre » Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:56 pm

Hi, maybe this question have been asked and answered before but I can't find anything about it.

This is about the default gateway. It should be possible to run the client without this gateway in the routing table.
I have come that far that I have added a static route for the providers login server and I get connected to this.
I the assume that the vpn server address is pushed to the client and that the client extracts the default gateway from the routing table before adding this as the primary default gateway and leaving the original untouched.
However if there isn't any, it fails this step. Is there a way of providing the default gateway to the client so I don't have to have it in the routing table?
I have had a look at some configuration settings but haven't got any clear idea. Once the vpn is up I don't have any use of the default gateway so I assume I can remove it from the routing table using a script once vpn have grabbed it. It would be very convenient if I could provide it directly ;)

Do anyone have a suggestion for a script or a solution?


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