Connections bypassing OpenVPN?

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Connections bypassing OpenVPN?

Post by VPNner » Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:30 am

Not sure if this is an illusion or not, but I'm wondering if some inbound and outbound connections to my computer are bypassing OpenVPN entirely and coming to my actual IP. I'm using OpenVPN Windows client 1.0.3 via a VPN service Witopia. I've noticed, when running uTor, that Windows resource monitor is showing a lot of the connections originating from my local intranet IP ( instead of the VPN NIC IP, 10.12.0.x. These connections also seem to be chugging along significantly faster in throughput than the 10.12.0.x connections, which makes me suspicious that they are somehow bypassing OpenVPN and sending packets out straight from my naked IP. The throughput for the uTor application also significantly exceeds at times the shown in/out throughput for openvpn.exe. I've also noticed that uTor is giving a green "your network is working fine" checkmark, meaning that somehow inbound connections are finding uTor (not sure how that would work through a VPN; the other side might be doing remote port forwarding, but I was under the assumption that one would have to set this up in advance). I noticed that when I disabled my router's port forwarding setting I'd set for uTor, most of the connections ended and only 10.12.0.x connections remained.

What I'm wondering is if it is possible that uTor could somehow be circumventing the OpenVPN virtual NIC? Or is this an illusion? I could firewall off the TCP and UDP inbounds to uTor, but I don't want to do this unless I'm sure that uTor is circumventing OpenVPN, since doing so will dramatically decrease throughput speeds.

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Re: Connections bypassing OpenVPN?

Post by krzee » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:54 pm

maybe utor bypasses your OS routing table, im not sure...
does this continue to happen if you start utor AFTER connecting to the vpn?

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