client (dis)connect script not run every time

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client (dis)connect script not run every time

Post by trilogic » Wed Feb 10, 2021 12:10 pm


I'm using connect/disconnect scripts .. it basicaly works. Problem is, that sometime the script is not called.
I hope my config is OK, because in 90% it works perfect. I tested manualy start/stop ovpn on the client and event break the connection and wait for itmeout .. when tested, it worked
but in real life, sometimes the client is connected but the connect script was not called, or disconnected and dis script was not called.
(First line in the script is logger, which help me monitor it was called or not)

I'm using one common certificate for all client and user/pass auth, if that maters.

is there something I could do to improve this or is it a bug?

the purpose of the scripts is to track connected client in database, so is there maybe a better approche to this?

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