OpenVPN Windows Service take too long to start

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OpenVPN Windows Service take too long to start

Post by » Fri Dec 13, 2019 1:11 pm

Hi Team!
For a several years we are using the openvpn to conect laptops/computers from internet to our lan... All are Windows and are joined to the domain.
This devices never connect phisically to our lan... always by VPN.
It's such as use "Direct Access"... but without the need of Windows Enterprise license.
In order to let VPN connect automatically at boot (not user logon), we have created a schedule task using the openvpn-gui with the apropiated parameters:
C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn-gui.exe --connect client.ovpn
The task is programed to run "At system startup"
This work like a charm!

Recently, we have decided to use the openvpn service instead openpvn-gui to start VPN at boot. The services is set as "Automatic" (not delayed).
The problem is that the service take too long to start/connect (1 or 2 min after login screen shows up) and a lot of things begin to fail: GPO, startup scripts, netlogon services, time services..etc.
Some of this problems are solved after certaing period, as is expeted when the VPN is connected.

But, startup script still failling because it only run at Windows startup and at this piont, the VPN is not running yet.

If I disable the service and set back the schedule task, all start working fine again.

Is very strange because someone would think that this behavior is exactly inverted.

I am playning arround whith service registry settings: ... -a-service
But nothing so far... even tryed the openvpn legacy service...same results... :(
I suspect is related to TAP adapter service's dependecy or somethig like that...

Can't be the only one with this trouble.... is there any way to speed up the startup open vpn service?

Many thanks for your time and hope some can guide me!

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