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Multi-Client to VPN

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:57 pm
by hirscha9
Extremely new to OpenVPN here on linux/ubuntu.
We have an existing client-server1 >> vpn-server setup from a former employee. We AMI'd the client-server1 to make client-server2 >> vpn-server but we are stuck here. Our goal is to have both client-server1 and client-server2 connected to vpn-server. With client-server1 pushing all routes and client-server2 pushing a limited number of routes.

We are unsure which configurations to update in order to allow the above. There is one crt/key pair that now lives on both client-server1 and client-server2. The only configuration change we have made are to the routes being pushed in our server.conf file. This is likely where we are going wrong with this, but are unsure what else to update.

Currently reading through documentation but with the limited knowledge, it's slow going. We appreciate any guidance.

Let me know if I can elaborate further.