p2p between clients for better performance

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p2p between clients for better performance

Post by Roosty » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:48 pm


I need some help from OpenVPN experts to (re)configure my OpenVPN network for fast client to client access:
Currently I have created an OpenVPN network between 3 (Asus-) Routers where one of them act as the server. I have configured the network that the clients behind each router on the local LAN can see each other. Currently everything is working well. Now I have setup a SIP server (asterisk) on the router with the OpenVPN server. The asterisk configuration is not difficult when routing the traffic over the VPN. Otherwise it is quite tricky to get a connection between SIP clients due to the NATs on the routers and I also get a secure VPN connection.
The problem is (as I understand) that all the SIP and RTP traffic between the clients (e.g. Android phones) is tunneled over the server which in my case has not that big interne connection bandwidth. So traffic from one OpenVPN client is send to server and back to another OpenVPN client. Now here comes the question:
Is it somehow possible to configure the OpenVPN network that client to client traffic is routed directly between them for better performance? Maybe with the help of other tools scripting etc. ?
I know there is a p2p network topology but I’m not sure if this is a good way to configure the whole network with that topology.
I have the possibility to setup a second OpenVPN server (using the GUI) on the router where the first OpenVPN server and astrisk server is running, if this would be helpful. The clients using OpenVPN for tunnelng the SIP traffic will get anyway another certificate to route only the traffic to and from the asterisk server.


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