OpenVPN cascading - routing traffic to another OVPN server.

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OpenVPN cascading - routing traffic to another OVPN server.

Post by XXvevo » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:04 pm


I'm quite curious if it's possible routing traffic from specific clients on OpenVPN server A to B -> C -> etc.

The problem is routing stuff from source (client) to a destination (OVPN server). I had the idea to route (outgoing) encrypted traffic on server A to server B .. and the last server (B in this example) will decrypt traffic then. Same rule backwards. Just how do I prevent OpenVPN on server A from decrypting that traffic and simply just sending it to server B?

Should I do that by using route commands and iptables rules and is it good idea using static client's address (e.g. for?

Clients are connected to UDP port 1194 on server A (tun1 interface) and traffic should be routed to tun3 interface because tun3 is bound with OpenVPN server B (by using default openvpn client-connection - Server A [tun3] <-> Server B).

(My servers run on Debian 8.)


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