OpenVPN detectability by software

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OpenVPN detectability by software

Post by tomatosauce » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:34 pm

PC of A runs software of B with admin privillages. A wants to appear to B as if he had different IP. B doesn't want anyone to disguise their IP.

What can B do to detect A? What are OpenVPN setups A can have that make detection hard/impossible?

From what I've read and tried so far the setup would most likely involve A having OpenVPN router between his PC and internet.
I tested different setups with standard VPN and Bridging, but couldn't get anything working that would be even close to undetectable.

Some detection methods I was thinking about:
* DNS leaks
* WebRTC leak
* Some protocols being blocked
* OpenVPN specific stuff on local network???

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