Apple Mac - Scripting profile importing

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Apple Mac - Scripting profile importing

Post by jelockwood » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:59 am

I would like to be able to write a script which automates the importing of a new or updated OpenVPN profile i.e. a .ovpn file.

I would then use an automated Mac management tool - Munki to automate deploying this to Mac clients.

Is there a command line tool that is part of the Mac OpenVPN client that can be used for this? I can see that an imported .ovpn file ends up in the -

/Library/Application Support/OpenVPN/profile/

directory. However I can also see that merely putting a copy in that directory and including a matching .info file is not sufficient. There is clearly some other entry added elsewhere.

So if there is no command line method I am prepared to copy files to the above directory but I also need to know what other file needs updating to 'inform' OpenVPN.

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