Snort + Suricata at the Same Time

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Snort + Suricata at the Same Time

Post by olikdenstien » Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:43 am

Look at My Network

I have Snort in IDS Mode on Pf Sense then Suricata in IPS ( Attack Mode ) on My Kali Box off My 1st E1200 DD-WRT Just as the Main Gate
and I have My Triple OPENVPN Hard lines that are Self Healing....My Kali Box is just the Decoy and it works, so Funny, i had M.I.T. on the Other night.

Like you could get through that, you just hit all MY VPNS...

I Think it is the most Secure Internet in the World :)

I Want to give my IP Address Out and see if anybody can get through for testing purposes

Just let me know i Will give it out

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