Printing over an OpenVPN network works.

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Printing over an OpenVPN network works.

Post by jscarville » Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:52 pm

I am testing OpenVPN to allow printing from our VDI environment to remote offices. Below is a sketch of what the test-bed OpenVPN network looks like.

The users on the remote side will connect to a VDI environment via terminals which use ipsec tunnels. These tunnels do not run over the OpenVPN network. The VDI virtual machines are on the inside network shown below. From these the user sends print jobs to a server which is also on the inside network. These jobs must be sent to a printer at the remote site.

Not all printers will work. For example, a Laserjet Pro M127fn could not be seen as a printer by the printer server (Windows 2008 R2). A Laserjet 4250 worked just fine.

Hooray for OpenVPN!


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