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Save username/PW - Updated for 2020?

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:20 am
by universal4
So far, I have found ALL the "ways" to do this are for the older versions of the connect, I am now sad I uninstalled the older version I had installed. The vpntray.exe is now gone and it was nice having it in the tray to connect without having to use the desktop shortcut, (plus the color scheme was nicer) and the password can not be saved.

The "ways" to do it listed in dozens and dozens of third party sites do not work, because on a 64bit machine the folder structure they all state to use does not even exist if the older versions are completely uninstalled.

This is a great product, I am hoping the dev's write up a quick "how-to" on how to write the config on our systems so we do not have to use a weak password easier to type numerous times a day and can use a nice strong 15 or 20 character password saved on our workstations or laptops.

No need to give a speech on why we should not save them locally, since if we are compromised enough someone can get that they likely have access to a whole lot of stuff more important than the vpn password.

If this is already written up here at the forum, can someone point out the spot?

Side note to mods: I understand this thread is not exactly in the correct place, but it was the most recent thread I could find, that asked the correct question, and specifically stated windows, I tried to find pertinent answers elsewhere first, I apologize if I missed them, a lot of third party sites rank better for the question then this forum sadly as I prefer answers from the communities that support the software.

Re: Save username/PW - Updated for 2020?

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2021 4:50 pm
by bezunartea
No enterprise level software should allow users to save their username and password on the same machine they have the VPN software to connect to their Virtual Private Network.

At the very least, saving the username and password should be an option for administrators.