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Help Req. for unusual setup.

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:15 am
by vpn_novice
Hello All,

I have an Openvpn server on on a vps.

siteA its an openvpn client on a router with a local lan 192.168.0/24
the router has machines connected on and etc.
It has its own unique config file siteA.ovpn

clientA is a windows laptop using its own unique config file clientA.ovpn

Currently clientA is able to access the machines on siteA’s lan no problem by having set up the following :-

siteA’s ccd file :-


Server config file :-

push "route"

I would like to add a siteB that’s identical to siteA but with its own unique config file siteB.ovpn

And also add clientB with its own unique config file clientB.ovpn

I am not able to change siteA or siteB’s lans to anything other than 192.168.0/24

My goal is to allow clientA to access siteA’s lan 192.168.0/24 but have no access to siteB’s.
And for clientB to access siteB’s lan 192.1168.0/24 but have no access to siteA’s
And ultimately be able to have potentially 100’s of these client/site pairs running on the same openvpn server.

Any help would be most appreciated and please be advised Im a complete novice and pretty pleased I’ve managed to get this working so far.

Thanks in advance.