Better Ubuntu packaging: Origin, Label (Freight)

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Better Ubuntu packaging: Origin, Label (Freight)

Post by gp12345 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:34 pm


this post triggered your antispam police, so I changed all URLS. If you want to follow them you shoud know what to do.

I wanted to setup unattended updates on an Ubuntu 16 box including Openvpn. I had a hard time to find that I needed to add the following line to


It was equally difficult to track this mysterious 'Freight' to
where the release file begins with:
Origin: Freight Label: Freight Suite: xenial Codename: xenial Components: main

I have found on the net the following project:
the code in (https) has to say:

/ Usage: freight init -g<email> [--libdir=<libdir>] [--cachedir=<cachedir>] [--archs=<archs>] [--origin=<origin>] [--label=<label>] [-v] [-h] [<dirname>]
#/ -g<email>, --gpg=<email> GPG key to use
#/ -c<conf>, --conf=<conf> config file to create (default etc/freight.conf)
#/ --libdir=<libdir> library directory (default var/lib/freight)
#/ --cachedir=<cachedir> cache directory (default var/cache/freight)
#/ --archs=<archs> architectures to support (default "i386 amd64")
#/ --origin=<origin> Debian archive Origin field (default "Freight")
#/ --label=<label> Debian archive Label field (default "Freight")

the label does not matter in unattended updates, but the Origin does; if it
is not set correctly, the unattended-updates script does not find the openvpn

IMO, the Debian/Ubuntu package could be better if the origin was explicitly set
to 'openvpn' instead of keeping the default value generated by the packaging tool

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