Client specific tls-auth/tls-crypt

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Client specific tls-auth/tls-crypt

Post by berserker » Fri May 12, 2017 8:15 am

I was looking at the changelog of OpenVPN 2.4.2 and I found an interesting note in the OVPN-02-1 paragraph:
We will also implement support for client-specific tls-auth/tls-crypt keys in a future OpenVPN release
Please can you help me in finding more details about the above topic?

My wishlist :):

I'd like to offer an option for the clients of our OpenVPN server to both connect with tls-auth and tls-crypt (there is no option to spawn 2 daemons since the listening port should be only 80/UDP). Actually OpenVPN 2.4.x doesn't support this option but the above note has attracted my attention with with the hope of succeeding in implementing it.


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