OpenVPN + PPPoE conneciton in the same ETH on linux

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OpenVPN + PPPoE conneciton in the same ETH on linux

Post by CidiRome » Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:21 pm

Hi there.

My config is this:

On my linux:
eth0: local network 1 :
eth1: local network 2 :
eth2: local network 3 : connected to the router.
ppp0: PPPoE internet connection through eth2 to the router

I'm configuring a VPN to bridge an ethernet card on a secundary computer in network eth1 to the eth2 network, because I need the multicast packets sent from the router on eth2 to reach that ethernet card on the secundary computer that is connected to an IPTV BOX. Can not be directly connected because there is an wireless bridge between the secundary computer and my linux eth1 port that floods with the multicast packes, but I know that it have more than enough bandwith for the IPTV box (more than 30mbps are available in this WL bridge).

My problem: when I issue the script (bridge-start) to activate the bridge the ppp0 (PPPoE) connection goes down and I loose the internet connection.

Does anyone knows why or if there is a solution for this?

Best Regards.

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