Port pass through issues

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Port pass through issues

Post by mike_n8ukf » Mon Jun 14, 2021 3:09 pm

Good Day everyone !

I am NOT a Linux person, but I have installed an OpenVPN server on a Vultr Ubuntu virtual machine using their provided set-up script. I am connecting to the server via a Windows 10 client computer and running some ham radio VOIP software on the client that requires communication on 6 ports via UDP. The OpenVPN server is providing the DHCP IP address for the client computer. The VM has no DHCP server and only one IP address for the VM. Vultr has verified the ports are not blocked in their system.

I have no problems connecting to the VPN server and enjoy full internet access from the client through the server, but I can't communicate over the 6 ports with the VOIP software. Initially an Nmap scan by Vultr showed the ports being filtered, so I went into the Ubuntu firewall and made an entry to allow ports 46100:46122. This was recommended by Vultr support. It still did not work. So as a test I disabled the Ubuntu firewall completely and still no communication via the ports I needed open.

Any ideas on getting me going in the right direction? Again, I apoligize, but I am not even at novice level of Linux so please keep it as simple as you can...

Thanks in Advance for any help that can be offered!


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