TAP-Windows and Hyper-V Switches

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TAP-Windows and Hyper-V Switches

Post by openvpn.net@steffen-heil.de » Sun Feb 14, 2021 4:26 pm

Previously I used several TAP-Windows adapters that I connected with OpenVPN to different networks and I used Hyper-V external switches bound to them to attach VMs to those networks.

That worked well. Now I had to recreate some of these adapters, but I cannot select them in Hyper-V any more. They are simply not shown in the drop-down list of network adapters when creating external switches.

I know that Windows was updated since, but I am not sure that this is the source of the problem.

Is there a way to tell Hyper-V to show my TAP adapters again?

(BTW: NordVPN TAP-Adapters which seem to be a fork of TAP-Windows adapters, are sill shown in Hyper-V.)

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