OpenVPN and Moonlight

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OpenVPN and Moonlight

Post by tekcap » Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:46 am


I managed to get OpenVPN running on my tomato shibby router using the Tunnel method. I can connect to it through LTE, etc with my Android phone.

I have a piece of Software on my PC called Moonlight ... etup-Guide

I connect to it from my Android phone when I'm on the same WIFI network and everything works fine.

If I try to connect to my PC through VPN and Moonlight, then I get an error message.

Here is a snippet from the Moonlight log

Code: Select all

NattHolePunch: Failed to receive ping on port 48000: Timeout. 
#3(I)[2019-08-26 01:08:06,677]=21:08:06={000042C0}<NattHolePunch> 
NattHolePunch: Received abort event on socket. Aborting pinging 
#4(E)[2019-08-26 01:08:06,677]=21:08:06={000042C0}<NattHolePunch> 
NattHolePunch: Failed to receive hole punching packet #5(E)[2019-08-26 01:08:06,677]=21:08:06={000042C0}<NvscStreamingSes> 
Streamer unable to hole-punch audio destination #6(I)[2019-08-26 01:08:06,677]=21:08:06={000042C0}<NvscStreamingSes> Starting teardown
Now I understand that this is not a Moonlight forum, but I do believe that the issue has something to do with my VPN or Router settings. It's especially strange because my commands reach the PC over the VPN, and I know this because the game launches on my PC. There seems to be an issue with ports being forwarded, or something like that. I thought using a VPN avoided the need for me to open ports on my router though. Maybe I'm wrong though since the VPN puts me on a different subnet(10.8) than my local lan subnet (192.168). Anyone have experience with this?

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