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VPN Connection dropping - StrongVPN, ExpressVPN

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:23 pm
by Jayip54
I am running OpenVPN on a Linksys e2500 dd-wrt router. I have been having persistent connection drops and I have some home security monitors
that require a continuous connection. I am using StrongVPN for the service and they have not been much help. They do say they do not have a timed drop in their servers. I suspect there is something in the additional config area they had me add on set up that may be the issue. I am not that code say but it seems there are similar issues out there and people are discussing these issues. What is also know is when I used ExpressVPN I had the same issue.

When it drops and I look at he status page I see lines like this:
Inactivity timeout (—ping-restart) restarting
Soft ping-restart
Restart pause 2 seconds
Cannot resolve host name

This is what I have in additional config:

-for StrongVPN

redirect-pathway def1
hand-window 30
explicit-exit-notify 2

-what I had for ExpressVPN
fragment 1300
mssfix 1450
keysize 256

I would really appreciate any help. It seems to be that after a period
of inactivity it fails on reconnection. Thanks