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Asus openVPN connect avoid Geolock

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:27 pm
by dickensmd91
I lost my router configuration and had to reset everything. i used to be able to connect to my Asus rt 3200 running merlin 384 and use my tv app and watch live tv without being geo locked and told i need to be on my home wifi.
currently i can connect to the vpn server but i believe because my home network is on - and the ip address assigned to vpn clients is the apps are saying that i am not connected to my home router.

my current config is

from what i remember in setting it up last time. every thing was the same and the push and route commands were all i needed but it appears this time the apps can tell that i am not on my routers subnet.
if anyone could help i would appreciate it