OpenVPN Connect Client ignoring the option route-nopull ?

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OpenVPN Connect Client ignoring the option route-nopull ?

Post by Reddwarf666 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:44 pm

Hi All,

I have been installing the latest version of OpenVPN Connect Client on both Windows and MacOS and noticed something.
I have the options "route-nopull" and "route" in my ovpn config file and once I import this and connect, all the traffic still goes over my VPN connection.

Code: Select all

route vpn_gateway
The idea was that only the traffic would be sent to the VPN and leaving all other traffic to my norml network connection.
But like I said, all traffic will go over the VPN connection and when I start the connection, I can see the "OpenVPN - Warning" message box which allows you to see more details. This seems to be the ovpn file content and the options "route-nopull" and "route" are missing. When I place a comment line above and below these two options I can still see the comment lines but the options in between are missing/gone.

Does anybody have any idea what I might be missing or doing wrong? Perhaps there is a better technique to split the tunnel?

Some info which might be relevant:

Server - AWS Client VPN ... -guide.pdf ... d-endpoint

Client software - Windows version:
(, dowloaded from this location: ... h-windows/

Client software - MacOS version:
( downloaded from this location: ... ith-macos/

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