Internet locked out when OpenVPN is on

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Internet locked out when OpenVPN is on

Post by vrover » Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:19 pm


I have used OpenVPN for ages and never had any problems with internet access and OpenVPN being active at the
same time. However, we recently installed the OpenVPN on a VPS server and now things are broken. They used to work
fine on a standalone Linux system

And, I can't ping when this happens.

I found


which seemed to address the problem, and my systems guy added the push command. However, the Tap interface metric is
still set to 3.

And, it's clear that this setting is coming from the server side. On our previous system this metric was never touched.

Now, I have to ask, why did OpenVPN decide to fiddle with the metric at all, and why set it to such a high priority?

Is there any way on the USER side to actually fix this?

I did try manually changing the metrics, but unlike 23261, I found that the TAP gets changed back to 3 as soon as it starts.

Any ideas?

Should we try to go back to 2.3?


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