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openvpn connect help. for android

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:04 am
by clairvoyant

hello evrybody. im a newbie here.

i have a three different vpn. that offers manual config for openvpn.

here is the scenario.

my i subscrib for unli youtube in my ISP.
so it means i can access only one website, and it was youtube.
but i want to by pass it. i want to access different websites.

so my answer is this.

i made an dns host name. using + ip host name = dns hostname.

id edited ovpn config and change the remote(host) to (my dns hostname)

it works on windscribevpn manual config files.
but in nord and expressvpn it doesnt work.

anybody who can teach me how direct my hostname for me to connect it.

can anybody lend a hand on me for me to solve this.

thanks alot.