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Cant connect to sql server over openvpn

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:10 pm
by Getby
Hello guys, I have an issue related with connection to SQL server using SSMS and hostname\instance while connected to OpenVPN. So what I have done till now is using TCP/IP protocol - with static and dynamic ipall and sql browser. I use pfsense and the build in Openvpn server, I setup the appropriated local networks so the subnet on which is the sql server to be able to get accessed over vpn. I can connect using ip/instance while on openvpn, but i need to make it work with hostname/instance, while connected to local network hostname/instance works with both Named pipes and TCP/IP protocol. P.S additional info on the host where slq server is the firewall is disabled, I don't have AD therefore no nameresolve. Any help will be appreciated. I am not use if its openvpn config issue or the sql or the fact there is no AD and thus no resolve.