Is your DNS over TLS and DNSSEC Enabled?

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Is your DNS over TLS and DNSSEC Enabled?

Post by GeorgeRace » Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:02 pm

Hello to all, brand new Forum user here. I have a web page that I would like you to visit.
But first, a brief explanations of why I want you to go there and read about my VPN quest as a new user.

I have been doing a lot of learning about openVPN, and figuring out all the in's and out's of getting it to work correctly.
Tried several different VPN Providers, and working with their chat line help, was unable to get DNS over TLS and DNSSEC both enabled.
I have a collection of test tools, to look for leakage and privacy concerns, and discovered this problem.

Two of the Providers finally told me that their clients did not work on RT-AC5300 with asuswrt-Merlin software. The third provider told me that I was trying to fix something that had no bearing on any VPN and I was wasting my time looking for a solution.

Finally after much searching, I stumbled across the solution that I was looking for. Along the way I also found a really new VPN Provider still in startup mode, and was able to subscribe for 2 years of service for less than $50! Unlimited connections, but at the moment, basically only for use on your Router, Android Devices, and limited use on Windows.

The solution I found is a pretty new software development, that is initiated on their DNS Server. The developer of the Test Program and test DNS Server it a company named TENTA.

I did not go back and try it on the three VPN Providers that I first tried out, and gave up on during my free trial period, so this was probably a solution that may have worked with them as well.

So anyway, it will be interesting to have others test their VPN setup, and give this solution a try on other popular VPN Providers.

It will also be interesting if any of you VPN Experts out there, can really tell us if issues with with DNS over TLS and DNSSEC, not being enabled, are really a cause of concern in the world of VPN and Privacy.

So in closing, I have created a web page that details my "MY VPN ADVENTURE". Please go there and read it: [url][/url]
Click on FUN STUFF in the upper right corner of the Home Page and then open the first topic, with the router picture, on the page.

Your suggestions and any comments are welcome,

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