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Map to shared folders

Post by mikeg » Sat Sep 29, 2018 5:16 pm

Hope you can help - really struggling with this

OpenVPN server running on QNAP using standard QNAP OpenVPN configuration - so server configuration includes duplicate-cn

Mulitple clients connect remotely
port forwarding all correct - so port 1194 forwarded to the QNAP
all able to connect OK and ping - this is the QNAP
client pool on the QNAP OpenVPN server starts at

once connected, each client will map network drives to shared folders on QNAP using net use - so for example
net use h: /delete
net use h: "\\\foldername etc" /persistent:yes

only the first client connecting is able to map to the shared folders on the QNAP
subsequent clients can't map to the shared folders on the QNAP

Any help or advise appreciated

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