Using OpenVPN to regulate traffic to a Spotify Connect speaker

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Using OpenVPN to regulate traffic to a Spotify Connect speaker

Post by mph070770 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:20 pm

Hello. I'm not sure if this is applicable to OpenVPN but I hope I'm looking at the right solution. I have posted a question on stackoverlow: ... connect-on

and would like to ask it here for any OpenVPN experts to advise:

I'd like to make a Spotify Connect speaker using a Raspberry Pi and LTE dongle. The idea is that the LTE dongle uses an "all you can eat audio" LTE sim, which means I can stream as much audio content as I wish from the speaker, without consuming data from my iphone. As the LTE sim is fitted to the speaker, it means that anyone in my family can use the speaker (outside of the home where there's no WiFi) without having to be worried about the data they are using from their iPhone.

I have set up my raspberry pi using rpi_audio_player ( and that's working well.

My idea is that the iphone connects to a WiFi hotspot on the speaker, so that Spotify Connect can be used. The Spotify audio should stream from the LTE dongle. All other data services of the iphone (email, social media etc) should still use the iPhones data, not the data on the Rpi speaker - as this is only enabled for audio.

I believe this should be possible by using a VPN connection to the Rpi, with IP routing enabled to direct audio traffic (spotify setup) to the Rpi but all other IP traffic should go via the iPhone LTE connection.

Is this right, is this something that OpenVPN enables? Can anyone advise on how that can be set up?


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