NewB Q ovpn connection protocol choice

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NewB Q ovpn connection protocol choice

Post by Tower » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:10 am

hi all,

I'm new to openvpn and feel confuse on openvpn connection configuration: ovpn over tcp or ovpn over udp :?

First of all, here is my understanding on how ovpn works. please correct me if wrong :)


It takes advantage of virtual network device.
Application works with virtual network device to send data, while ovpn encrypt them and send to physical device.

Because virtual network device provide tcp/ip stack, it'll ensure data reliability if application using tcp regardless of what ovpn used.
So I think udp for ovpn is natural choice. Besides, ovpn with tcp may cause tcp flooding. I can't come up with a scenario for ovpn with tcp.

Is it right? Do I miss any scenario?

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