[Help] New in VPN. Need some concept clearing

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[Help] New in VPN. Need some concept clearing

Post by Dangerous_Dave » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:47 pm

Hello all, firstly apologizing for my basic level questions. I have never used VPN before. Now I am in a situation where I need to connect to my PC. So, initially I tried to get a Dynamic DNS, get my ip, use DNS client and port forward to connect with my PC. But seems like -


I don't have a real ip for my PC. Under my ISPs one real ip they have created private network and I got one private ip. Under that private ip I've created my home network with router. Sorry, for n00b language, I am not a techie person. Now I followed a tut and did the following-

Bought a domain from namecheap, opened an account in clodflare, replaced Namecheap nameservers with cloudflare. Now at cloudflare's DNS tab i need to put an ip to connect. In this stage I need some guidence-

in this case if I use a VPN and put that ip in the DNS, in my PC I portforward the VPN ... then can I connect to my PC using the DNS? For example,

i have bought someday21.club, change NC nameservers to cloudflare, put the VPN ip as DNS, I connect to that VPN ... and portforward for my Laptop for RDP (port - 3389). So, next time if I try to connect my laptop via RDP ... I would just need to type someday21.club:3389 ... and it will be forwarded to my laptop?

With this i just have one more question- I have bought a windows 2008 R2 VPS before. Now can I run VPN server in that VPS and connect to that PC as VPN? In that case ... I will run a VPN server in the VPS, use the ip as cloudflare DNS, from my laptop connect to my VPS ip, portforward and I can connect to my laptop with RDP? If Yes, then please point me to some tutorials if this can me done with openvpn. Creating VPN server on a windows server 2008 and to use clint to connect into that server.

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