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Not loading some pages

Post by stronagmi » Tue May 15, 2012 8:33 am


Has anyone ever experienced strange OpenVPN behaviour where you can browse most of the sites but some doesn't load at all?

In details:
- At the moment I live at China, behind great firewall :)
- I've successfuly setup OpenVPN server (linux) and OpenVPN client (linux)
- I've checked my IP with a browser ( and it shows server's IP
- I can access some restricted pages (e.g. some wikipedia restricted pages, google docs etc.) which I cannot access without VPN

The problem is I cannot access pages like: (I had to use another VPN to post this topic)

Those 3 are only examples.

If I ping any of those sites - I get "100% packet loss"

I'm really stuck. Any ideas?


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