Problem using OpenVPN on Galaxy ACE GT-S5830

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Problem using OpenVPN on Galaxy ACE GT-S5830

Post by robjons21 » Tue May 15, 2012 2:20 am


I'm a newbie in Android world.

I just rooted my phone : ok
I installed Busybox : ok
I installed TUN.KO : ok
I installed Openvpn libraries : ok
I installed OpenVPN configuration : ok
I put my crt's, key's and ovpn files in /sdcard/openvpn : ok

So I start OpenVPN, I can see "startup, connecting, Auth, Get Config" and finally : "FATAL : Cannot allocate TUN/TAP dynamically"
Tried to change configuration like "load kernel module", "TUN module settings" but still have the error.

Can anybody help me ?

afvallen in een week
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