Cannot Load Webapp Running in Docker Using VPN IP Address

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Cannot Load Webapp Running in Docker Using VPN IP Address

Post by SuzanNano » Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:26 pm


I have 2 instances of a web application running on the same Ubuntu 16.04 server, launched in a browser like so:

ipaddress:8080 - running on the host server
ipaddress:8090 - running in Docker

This webapp uses some hard coded environment variables, so the only way to be able to run 2 instances on the same server was to run one of them in docker.

Both instances are running fine, however, when I make a VPN connection, I can only launch the the non-docker webapp's UI using the VPN IP address and port. When I try to run the docker instance using the VPN IP and port, it fails to load. I've confirmed that the docker instance is running fine, as I can also make a remote connection to the server and launch it using its local IP address and port.

It seems the docker instance or its IP address is invisible to OpenVPN when running in Docker: what is the solution?

OpenVPN is version 2.3.10-1ubuntu2.1


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