basic open vpn questions

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basic open vpn questions

Post by lt72884 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:35 pm

Hello all. Before i begin, i want to see if open vpn is what i need or if i need something else

First i live here in the United states, Utah to be exact.

My goal is to mask my IP address using open vpn BUT my issue is, I want it to be a foreign IP, lets say, London rather than the USA. I see this as a problem because i do not know anyone in london where i can set up a open vpn server?

Second, is it even necessary to have a foreign IP or is encrypting data good enough for basic internet usage. My usage goes no further than email, netflix, youtube, forums and so forth. I all ready got busted once when in high school(15 years ago) for piracy, i dont need that happening again. im rather enjoying my life of peace and comfort haha. If it is not needed to have a foreign IP, then maybe SSH will do the trick

What say you?


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