ipv6 LTE Leak

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ipv6 LTE Leak

Postby platformpeanut » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:48 pm

Hi, I have tried searching the forums but can't find a solution, if there is one, for the following...

I use Cyberghost through OpenVPN on a Galaxy S7, and all is fine on wifi. However over LTE if I check my IP address I get an IPV6 one back, which exposes location etc. Cyberghost does not support IPV6. Their OpenVPN config page states the following:

Important: Please make sure that you run an IPv4 Internet connection. Some Internet Service Providers already connect with the IPv6 protocol, which is not supported by CyberGhost. While the CyberGhost client takes care of deactivating IPv6 under Windows, users of native protocols have to do this manually. If IPv6 is not deactivated, data might leak outside the IPv4 VPN tunnel!

Is this something I can do by editing the OpenVPN config file? Thanks for any help.

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