Configuring Groups on OpenVPN Access Server - tunnel into private subnet

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Configuring Groups on OpenVPN Access Server - tunnel into private subnet

Postby paperlid » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:48 am

I am trying to restrict access users who connect to our private network to a certain few servers, which are hosts in our subnet. The way I have tried so far is by creating groups and allow each group to access a specific set of hosts.
The problem is that, when I set up the group and assigned it to a test user, the user was able to log in, but could not see any of the hosts which I wanted them to see.
I set this up entirely through the Access Server portal, and the options which I entered were:
  • VPN IP Addresses:
      Dynamic subnet range: (when I left this field blank the user would not get an IP)
  • Access Control:
      Allow access to...: (one of the hosts I want them to access)
I assigned this to the test user and was able to log in as it. But when I did an IP scan, the only IP address I could see was my own.

There are no error messages on the log reports, so I am not quite sure where to turn next to try to identify the cause.
The vpn tunnel works correctly if we allow every user to access every host in our private network - which is set up on the VPN Settings.

At this point, I would appreciate any assistance on this.
Thank you!

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