Route all traffic back to dd-wrt from private aws vpc subnet

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Route all traffic back to dd-wrt from private aws vpc subnet

Postby ottafish » Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:08 am

Hi All,
I've searched for the last few days trying to find an answer - but all the answers seem to be the other way.

We have a openvpn on AWS working ok. In the same VPC, we have 3 windows servers in a private lan with no external nat or EIP
The windows servers can connect to hosts on the local lan ok and they can contact each other too
so, two way access is fine.

What we have been trying to do is force all the VPC private subnet back through the VPN and access the internet at the site with the dd-wrt and let the dd-wrt do the nat'ting for the VPC private lan
Why you may ask? - there are many reason, 1 is I don't need to set up a NAT on AWS. I also don't have to worry so much about ACL's..

All the info I've found is always to force the traffic over the VPN to the server...
We want to go the other way.

I can ping and traceroute back to my local lans without any issues from Windows servers. If I try and traceroute to an external host, the windows boxes stall at the Openvpn server.

Forgot to mention, it's set for NAT and not bridge at the moment.

Thanks for any ideas...

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